Infinite Noon is an online art shop based in Houston, Texas curated by an upcoming artist, David Cantu. Our mission is to offer beautiful minimal artwork printed on premium materials for a reasonable price. Infinite Noon ships in most countries and plans to expand in many other styles of art in the near future.



About the artist.

Hi! I’m David Cantu, I’m an Illustrator from Houston, Texas. My focus is to make aesthetically pleasing minimal artwork accessible to anyone. My artwork consists of abstract and figurative illustrations similar to each other for great set pieces. All my artwork is digitally created, which I plan to also include traditional in the future. My inspiration doesn’t come from art but in interior design, specifically minimal and modern home interiors. This is really how Infinite Noon started, as an Instagram profile sharing interior and home architecture which lead to a design blog, to ultimately a print shop. I hope you can be part of the journey on what I have in store in the future.