Welcome to Infinite Noon, an online shop offering beautiful and minimalist figurative line drawings, printed on high-grade art paper with an elegant aesthetic.


About the artist.

 artist David Cantu infinite noon minimal line art

David Cantu is an artist and entrepreneur who grew up in Houston, Texas.

As someone with a lifelong passion for interior design, David wanted to share his passion with the world by designing wall art.

It all started in 2017, when he launched a design blog covering artwork, architecture, product design, and much more. That blog? Infinite Noon. The more David blogged about home interiors, the more motivated he became to create his own minimalist wall art. So, in 2018, he opened an Etsy Shop and the blog was transformed into what it is today.

Now, art is David’s sole focus and his designs have even garnered the attention of the tattoo community, which has embraced his simple, yet elegant, female line illustrations.